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Do you love/hate Brendan Brown?

Tell us what you think.

The Brendan Brown fan club!
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If you are a friend, fan, or foe, or have anything to even do with Brendan Brown, this is the community for you! This community is for the discussion of the great things about Brendan, as well as the bad things. Basically, it's just all about Brendan. Feel free to post your thoughts.

Once you join, please fill out this survey and post it.

2)Relation to Brendan Brown:
3)Best Memory with Brendan Brown:
4)Why do you want to join this community?:
5)Make up a scale and how would you rate Brendan Brown's cuteness on it:
6)Why do you think it was a good idea to make this Commmunity?:
7)Is Brendan cuter when he skates or bathes?
8)Lastly post at least 2 pictures that remind you of Brendan Brown (if you don't know how to post pictures and you dont because of that, then I guess you dont admire Brendan Brown enough to figure it out).

PS - Keep it PG rated.

After joining, go out and start promoting!